Zambian Fuzz

A while back I posted the lovely and awesome 1975 album 'Africa' by the Zambian band Amanaz; here are three more albums from some of their fuzzed-out compatriots. Though I don't find any of these quite as nice as Amanaz, they're all definitely worth a listen.

Chrissy Zebby Tempo & Ngozi Family : My Ancestors

Garage Fuzz. Lo-fi, raw, charming and catchy.


The W.I.T.C.H (We Intend To Create Havoc): Lazy Bones

Somewhat better recording than the Chrissy Tembo album above (which I believe one of the members of The Witch participated in), this is in the same vein: fuzzy, loose, mostly mid-tempo jams.


The Peace : Black Power

A bit slower, more expansive and less cheery than the other two, the use of some non-english lyrics & the occasionally mournful tone bring to mind Amanaz more than the Chrissy or Witch albums do.


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