V.A : A Farewell To Arms

Another Japanese comp from 1986, this one featuring several O.G. hardcore bands. Awesome stuff all around (ps, those who are interested in the originals from the 'Tribute to Masami' I posted a while back will find some here- he sung for Outo as well as Ghoul).

1. LIP CREAM "Kill Ugly Pop"
2. LIP CREAM "Back In the Anger"
3. LIP CREAM "No Rule"
4. OUTO "Cops"
5. OUTO "Junk"
6. OUTO "Distortion Faith"
7. OUTO "Like Cola"
8. GASTUNK "The Eyes"
9. GASTUNK "Alfa In 201"
10. GAUZE "Pa Pa Pa"
11. GAUZE "I I Nari"
12. GAUZE "Shot"
13. GAUZE "Pressing On"
14. GHOUL "Judas"
15. GHOUL "Jerusalem"
16. EXECUTE "Angel Bitch"
17. EXECUTE "Ghost Candle"


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