Amanaz : Africa

Zambia, 1975, a bunch of stoned as fuck fellows weaned on pirate radio record an album of late 60s style psyche. The results are unsurprisingly (surprisingly?) great. Very chilled out music, with lovely rhythmic and regional touches that set it off from most psych stuff. The songs are kept short and sweet, and are mostly sung in English, with a few others in whatever the bands native tongue is. Unfortunately I know very little else about this release, including where I got it in the first place (thanks somebody probably found it on the always excellent Cosmic Hearse).

Anyway, it's really nice stuff, sad and serious but still uplifting, chilled and smooth. If 'Khala My Friend' doesn't warm your heart & bring a tear to your eye then I just don't know what to tell you.


UPDATE: So, it seems the above link was to a version of this album which had been ripped TOO SLOW (I though it was intentional, in order to make things more psychedelic and weird), anyway, with thanks to the Sludge Swamp dude who posted this, here's a cd rip at the correct and faster speed. (Though I've got to admit I'm still attached to the slowed-down versions.)


If track 5 isn't unpacking get it here


phil said...

hmm, love the diversity on your blog! track 5 on the cd version is cut short [bad file], thought you'd want to know.

Chairmaker said...

Thanks--I've put up a link to that track.

alpipego said...

I was listening to the slower version for months now... until finally I realized it is too slow ;)
Unfortunately track 8 is not unpacking on the CD version (track 5 worked fine). So if you could upload track 8 again, it would be greatly appreciated.

Conga said...

I as well couldn't get track 8, would love to have it!

Thanks a mil.