Ghoul : 1984-1989 / Tribute To Masami

Seminal 80's Japanese punk band, fronted by the one handed, raspy-voiced, fan-punching legend Masami, who passed on young(like many of his contemporaries) in the early 90's, apparently of liver failure brought on by excessive love of the drink.

Part 1
Part 2

Masami's post-Ghoul but very similar sounding band, Sqwad:

In 2002, a two disk tribute to Masami was released, featuring a whole host of Japanese underground punk/hc bands. The title ,汚れなき豚友達へ, means something like 'to the pig-friends who are not filthy'. There's a bunch of good stuff on here, but Paintbox's cover of the title track is pretty much worth the d/l itself.



Street Metal Angel said...

Is there anyway to find out which songs are covers of which bands? Thanks!

Chairmaker said...

If you mean which bands are doing the covers that should be in the track title...as for which bands are being covered, I recognize a lot of the song titles from ghoul and squad releases, but there's some I don't know which must be from other Masami stuff, or releases from those two bands which I don't have.

Chairmaker said...

Oh..I forgot to mention OUTO, band from which some of these covers are drawn..