Ultraphallus : Lungville

I don't usually do cut and pasting on my blog. Most of the time I try to give my own descriptions and impressions of a band, incoherent or inaccurate though they may be. Here I would like to make an exception. From the band's site:

Band’s name ULTRAPHALLUS is a homage and the real name given to Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, who raped and educated his children hardly…Joe Jackson is the Ultimate Father…For All, he IS the Ultraphallus. & : The group is a hypnotic noise-rock inspired by expressionism of black and white movies from the debut of the last century and influenced by the negativity of human behaviour. The ULTRAPHALLUS cult is motived by a visceral theory about masculine contamination.

So there you have it. I'm really not sure quite how serious they are, but the music is excellent in any case.



d. said...

thanks you so much.
i've been looking for this one.
keep it up.


Chairmaker said...

Thanks- Ultraphallus are great (and BTW if you haven't heard 'the clever' then definitely check it out)