First off, let me clear up the band's name: it's Chuugakuseikanoke (chuugakusei : junior high school student/s kanoke : coffin/s), I've omitted the kanji (which're in the tags) to avoid google searches from Japan as these are both relatively recent releases. So 'Junior High Coffins' was just my own completely unofficial translation of the band's name 'cause I think long, meaningless, transliterated words suck, and their name's supposed to be shocking +/ creepy (and actually I'm thinking that to that end I shouldn't have left out the student).

Anyway I'm only banging on about this because I started getting google searches for 'Junior High Coffins' and somebody made a youtube video using that name, and it showed up in some German forum, etc...

Some info in Japanese can be found on the band here & here. The gist of it is that they're sort of anti-fashion, anti-scene, anti-conventionality; the lead singer includes hilarious, bizarre rants about society and the Japanese music scene (hatred of fashion punks, designer clothes and crappy English lyrics--I agree!) in the liner notes.

Needless to say their lyrics are awesome and if I'm feeling real motivated like I'll try and translate some of them well enough to show why they're awesome at a later date.

I was also initially under the impression that their lead singer is old but in fact he just dresses as a weird old man, diagrammed here: "a suspicious old man has been reported to approach schoolchildren, screaming 'You must never be respected!If you're bullied, always take revenge! girls break free of the virgin illusion imposed by foolish adults!, boys leave the mainstream!...'" you get the idea.

While I don't always go for this kind of thing in this case I dig the shtick, I like the singers voice and they play an awesome brand of raw punkish doom. I posted their most recent and most excellent release here. Their cds can be bought here.

Here is their 2004 release:

Part 1
Part 2

(Download both, extract either)


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