Barebones : Ground

Barebones are best known in the west for their split with Boris. At that point in their career, Barebones were still largely a hardcore band, though in a similar progression to Boris's, they would move their sound in the direction of garage/psych/70's cock-rock a la some of Pink and Heavy Rocks(and in fact their excellent 2007 release, Back In Your Black, was produced by Atsuo).

Ground finds them midway through the transition, with a lot of rock elements in place, but still maintaining much of the volume and spastic intensity of their hardcore roots (somewhere between Stupid Babies Go Mad and Boris maybe.)


And here's a bonus kick-ass Barebones song from a tribute album to Japanese punk legend Masami.


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The Whale said...

Cool, I liked Back in your black a lot, so I'm going to downlaod this one.