V/A : Japanese Independent Music

Yet another comp of 90's Japanese underground stuff, mostly noise, electronics and psychedelia. Gaji & Ruins provide my two favorites off this comp, but there's a bunch of good stuff, with the notable exception of track 4, which made me want to punch hippies (my threshold for wanting to punch hippies is fairly low however, so you may not have the same problem).

This is probably the most experimental of the "experimental" comps I've posted so far and there is some odd and interesting music on here.

1 Wono Satoru: Allegro
2 Yuko Nexus : N.S.K.K. Coming Soon
3 Haino Keiji: Voice And Electrik Percussion
4 Harpy : Ash
5 Gaji : Trippin' Under A Changin' Sphere
6 Hoppy Kamiyama : Fantasm
7 Furudate Tetsuo : La Jetee
8 Hair Stylistics : Impression Of Nasty Dread
9 KK Null : BDDM
10 Nakamura Toshimaru / Sachiko M : Live In Bordeaux
11 Kangaroo Paw : Osusowake
12 Sawada Jyoji : Enfant Terrible
13 Haco : Moonlight In Glory
14 Bondage Fruit : Prayer
15 Ruins : Guamallapish
16 Acid Mothers Temple : Hello Eskimo Or Polyhedric Mu
17 eX-Girl : Zozoi
18 The Saboten : I.K.U

Japanese Independent Music Part1

Japanese Independent Music Part2

Important! Split rar : download both and then extract either one and a folder containing all the songs will appear. Repeat, you must have both. (ppl who read this=<50%)

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