Gaji : Focus/Fluid/Daub

Gaji were a Japanese post-punk unit active from the mid-nineties to early aughts, and possibly familiar to readers of this blog from their appearances on many of the comps I've posted.

A female-fronted three-piece, four member band, they played an interesting sort of bass & drum driven mathy music, with nicely understated guitars and vocals which are for the most part rhythmic & monotonal (it took me a few songs to get into the singing style, but in the end it's relative lack of inflection and variety works really well as a rhythmic element). Shades of Fugazi, Shellac, and Lisabo to name a few.

Rather good stuff. Simultaneously melancholic and energetic, with hooky bass lines and plosive drums, and well worth checking out in my humble-though of course correct-opinion.

(not the best rip, I'll have some better quality Gaji after some packages arrive)



The Whale said...

I'm going to wait for that better rip, but the description did sound interesting enough to make me want to downlaod them/check them out!

Chairmaker said...

Should be next week sometime. They're an interesting band, and their sound's accessible enough that I'm surprised they weren't a bit more popular.

The Whale said...

Well, I heard their name before but enver knew what kind of band they were. I'm looking forward to hearing them. Probably another great unknown japanese band.