Bulldozer : IX

Let's be honest.

That is one terrible album cover.

I certainly never would have picked this up if someone hadn't forced it on me, and that would have been a sad mistake as, despite the Sean Connery-playing-Doctor Strange fellow gracing the front cover(I'm afraid he may be the singer), Bulldozer were really an excellent thrash/black metal band who most people reading this site are probably more familiar with than me- my knowledge of 80's metal is all kinds of spotty. Suffice to say they're awesome: a driving, pounding (cape-wearing) metal beast. Listen if you haven't heard.



Slobodan Burgher said...

I think I got like a handful of Bulldozer songs - dirty ignorant motorpunkblacknessoil-esqe shit, but in a good way- so I am certainly gonna check this one. HORRIBLE coverart though ha ha

Chairmaker said...

Hope you like: 'the derby' is an anthem: 'hatred!hatred!hatred!'

P.s. punksishippies is great: keep it up.