Swarrrm / Mortalized

So. I fell down a flight of stairs, did some terrible things to the tendons in my ankles and won't be able to get to school or earn much money for a couple of weeks. Absolutely miserable.

What is absolutely, beyond question not miserable is this split. I picked this up to get Swarrrm's two songs and was in no way disappointed. Swarrrm make the most (literally) beautiful grind-type music you'll ever hear, pretty, violent and insane all at once. Lovely guitar melodies + blastbeats + the craziest vocals + great musicianship. Anyway, I could heap praise on Swarrrm all day, just dl it, ok? I'm less familiar with Mortalized, who play a ultra fast, high-pitched form of grind that reminds me of Discordance Axis (I think their guitarist is in Hayainodaisuki but am not sure), and contribute 4 approximately 1 minute songs.



Zmaj said...

Sorry to hear you got hurt and that, man!

Split related; I refuse to give this one a listen before I get an actual copy. The guitarist is Matsubara, who is also a key member of Hayaino Daisuki and GridLink.

Chairmaker said...

I got mine from Punk and Destroy. Well worth it.

RyGar said...

Sounds intense. I'll definitely check this out. Sorry to hear about your fall, man. I once got hit by a Corvette while I was skating after a bus. Annihilated both my legs. Hope you heal up soon.

Chairmaker said...

thanks for the good wishes, as a point of fact I'm lying in bed as I type this being served hand and foot by a rather attractive lady- so life could be worse:D

David said...

oh wow