Buzzy Yamatacho Band : Absolutely No Speck Of Romance

I'm really too old to enjoy missing school due to snow as much as I am today.

Anyway, here's something I've been enjoying again recently. The Buzzy Yamatocho Band are a group of Japanese hardcore all-stars playing no wave influenced hc/punk. Absolutely No Speck Of Romance was releaed in 2004 on HG Fact.

The extremely impressive line-up is:

Drums: Muka-Chin (Deathside, Judgement)
Bass: You (Deathside, Forward)
Vocals&Guitars: Iizawa (Bastard, Judgement)

Names to cause salivation in those familiar with Japanese hardcore. Though Buzzy doesn't sound quite like any of those bands, it is excellent in its own right, the mostly mid-tempo songs driven by killer basslines and squealing, Greg Ginn-esque guitar leads and topped with Iizawa's hoarse shouts in Japanese. Satisfyingly propulsive & raw.


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