Land of the Rising Noise : Volumes I - III

3 compilations of Japanese noise and experimental rock from Charnel Records, released in '93, '97, and '99 respectively.

The main common denominator here is weirdness of one sort or another, with tempo, volume, instrumental selection and mood varying pretty widely.
There are probably some things on here you recognize and some you don't, and some things you'll like and some you won't (all of which is more or less the whole point of comps as far as I'm concerned).

There are way too many artists on here for me to do any sort of proper summary, so I give you a tracklist:

Volume ①
1 Omoide Hatoba : IN
2 Agencement : Tegmen
3 Dissecting Table : Dead Gods
4 Aube : Amniotic Fluid
5 Children Coup D'Etat : Saigo No Hoknoh
6 DMV : Outer Mind
7 Angel'in Heavy Syrup : My Dream
8 Merzbow : Moon Over The Bwana A
9 Tokyo Dowser : Suimin Party Area
10 C.C.C.C. : Monde Bizarre
11 Hijokaidan : Sound Of Bay Area
12 Keiji Haino : The Man Who Wring Under The Name Of Gratification

Volume ②
1 Kadura : Travel To Faraway
2 Der Eisenrost : Diadectes
3 Kuroyuri Shimai : Blue Forest
4 Melt-Banana : Dig And Tickle, She Is Hit
5 Onna-Kodomo : Aoi Hata
6 wnico : Cool Running
7 Shizuka : Kimi No Sora
8 Contagious Orgasm : The Inner Life Of Man
9 Volkha Dots Illusion Of Future
10 Gaji : Eleven Maladies
11 AmgSphont : Kioku No Tobila

Volume ③ 
1 Acid Mothers Temple: Super Sunshine
2 Grind Orchestra : Jolly Throats
3 I.S.O. : 00:1746
4 Mitsuru Tabata : Untitled
5 K2 : We Destroyed Barcelona Again
6 Mady Gula Blue Heaven : Kokoro No Kakera
7 Shincho 2m : Baka Yeltsin
8 Kazumoto Endo : Untitled
9 Coa & Keiji Haino : Session
10 Ultra Fuckers : Prince Of The Land Of The Rising Sun (2:42)
11 Yukiko : Okayuya
12 Kaneko Jutoku : The Darkness Point



III Pt. 一 / III Pt. 二 (download both then extract ok kids)

UPDATE: Seems volume I was missing track 10: here it is


RyGar said...

I'll grab pt. II, just for the Melt Banana alone. Thanks. I enjoy some good noise, but honestly, it's something that doesn't get too much rotation.

Chairmaker said...

Yeah noise is an occasional thing for me too- I tracked this down for the non-noise Gaji & Melt Bananna tracks, really.

mick55 said...

volume 1 is missing track 10

Chairmaker said...

Indeed it is- oops. here's the track: http://www.mediafire.com/?zdeyvm4jmz0

mick55 said...

hi Chairmaker

very cool of you to upload
the missing track 10.

thanks very much

mouu said...

Thanks a lot!

Cynthia said...

love noise! i've had vol.2 forever, but never got around to getting the other two, until now. thanks so much for posting these!

Grumpy said...

Great post. Cheers! :)