Dragonauta : Cabramacabra

Clouds of smoke, satan, metal: Dragonauta- a seriously good Argentine band.

Not sure where to put this band exactly genre-wise, they bring some fast doom, some slow thrash, some nwobhm leads, balancing general heavy rawness with some melody and hooks. They're technically skilled as all get out, have great riffs, and an excellent howling, grunting, whiskey-gargling singer.

If you've yet to experience Dragonauta, you should be downloading this, building a massive spliff and getting ready to love the macabre goat.

Standout songs: Most of them, but especially Experienciar.



d. said...

gonna check this out.
btw, nice layout man!
keep going!
great blog

Chairmaker said...

Thanks man- Dragonauta crush, you're in for a treat.

RyGar said...

Nice,I'm going to take your advice and check this out after my vap warms up. Thanks.