Fuck Shrek

Ogre breaks bones, snaps tendons and picks lesser bands from between its rotten molars. Ogre is a rough beast with hardcore bones, thrashing muscles and grinding teeth.

This band has been around for a while, though I had never heard of them till recently, and I can state that they slay.

The sort of glutenous, scratchy shouts and howls that drive good Japanese hardcore and some vocal sections reminiscent of Tsukasa Harakawa combine over thrash, furious grindy blasts, and pounding metal & hardcore(they drop Force as an influence, and Hellchild fans also might like this).

Eater of Sounds officially recommends Ogre. This originally came out around '03, but has recently been re-released: buy it here. Band site here



Batguano said...

I found an .rar file on my desktop cryptically entitled "OE." After opening it and finding out it was Ogre, I traced it back here. Wow! monstrous sounding band. Thanks for the introduction!

Chairmaker said...

"monstrous sounding band."

They definitely have the right name- glad to hear you're enjoying it.