Faster Pussy... Attack!Tora!Tora!Tora!

Once again, a compilation, this time a collection of Japanese hc&metal bands from the no longer extant Howling Bull U.S. label.

Some excellent bands on here, though much of the material has been released elsewhere.

Hellchild and Force feature one of my favorite vocalists, Taiho(大砲) play some good noisy hardcore (and if anyone has any of their releases besides Chugalug, I'd be grateful), and the Garlic Boys have been around forever playing an assortment of punk styles. Nunchaku & United thug it up a little, Yellow Machinegun are a thrashy, all female metal band, Panorama Afro have a silly name and some reggae influence in their punk while Space Combine play some sort of messy rock.

1. Again - Yellow Machinegun
2. Force - Force
3. Gnat - Taiho
4. Rodeo Delight - Space Combine
5. Trust Yourself - United
6. Ichibu Fubuku - Nunchaku
7. Afro Justice - Panorama Afro
8. Too Late True Love - Garlic Boys
9. In Search For The Scattered - Hellchild
10. Something Enormous - Yellow Machinegun
11. Drain - Space Combine
12. Udamae Avenue - Nunchaku
13. Flashback - United
14. Nakimushi Death Match - Garlic Boys
15. Game - Force
16. Afro Heaven - Panorama Afro
17. Past - Taiho
18. Raise The Right Fist - Hellchild



Zmaj said...

Big thanks for all the compilations that you've posted lately!

Chairmaker said...

I'm glad other people share my affection for comps.

RyGar said...

I used to have this one. Looking at the bands, I'm not sure who I was familiar with when I bought it. Maybe Yellow Machinegun? Perhaps it was just because I have such admiration for the Japanese, and their ability to dominate us in music and technology. And bizzare fetishes.

(Thanks for stopping by, and adding a link to my blog on here. I appreciate it, and will return the favor. It looks like you've got a pretty nice spot over here. Cheers.)

Chairmaker said...

@rygar: Thanks- I definitely tracked this down one for the Hellchild initially, though as you can probably tell I'm a bit of a sucker for Japanese heavy music in general.

I lived in Japan for a while and one of the surprising things was how low-tech and un-computerized large sections of the economy were (though people do have some super gadgets).