Assault : s/t 7" & Martyrdom 7"

Assault were a pretty damn good thrashy dark crust band whose two EPs I had posted previously. Here are their two 7" releases, both from the early aughts. These do not feature g.a.t.e.s. singer Negishi on vocals (he appeared on the 2nd of their two s/t eps), but I like Assault's o.g. vocalist just fine too.

I've seen the untitled 7" also referred to as the 'pain' ep, and it is the earlier release of the two.

Great band, with the just right amounts of melodic guitar and catchiness to set off their crust styling. They would have probably have had some more top notch releases if not for their bassist's fatal motorcycle accident.


UPDATE: The vinyl rip of 'martyrdom' contained in the above rar is not all that good (guitars are muffled), this one below sounds like it should.

MARTYRDOM (better rip)


d. said...

hey chairmaker.
first of all, thank you for your comment.

yes, one of the two guitar players and the drummer play in Men Eater.
I have to post this guys!

their new full-lenght it's coming out soon...

i've seen these guys opening for Cult Of Luna...wow...what a show, and what a place - it was in a church. an abandoned church. here, in my town.
true fact.

take care man...
keep with this amazing blog.
i'm full of work...got to took some time to check your post.

see ya

Chairmaker said...

Thanks for the kind words. Your blog looks good too.

I'm really looking forward to Men-Eater's new full length.

Slobodan Burgher said...

I will look into these this weekend, thanks!