Assault : 2nd & 1st

Assault were a Japanese hardcore band who had several releases on HG fact.

This is their second self-titled effort, which came out in 2003, and is the first and only featuring Negishi(formerly of Church of Misery, and currently of g.a.t.e.s) on vocals- they broke up without releasing anything else up after the death of their bass player in 2005, which was a notably bad year for Japanese bassists in bands I like, as Yasu of Hellchild/From Hell also passed on :(.

They played propulsive, slightly metallic+thrashy dark hardcore with nods to melody now and again.

Negishi's vocals were less raw&rock'n'roll, more punk/hc here than in his other gigs, and are at times are a bit lower in the mix than I might like, while the lyrics, mostly in Japanese and focused on existensial angst and anger, are a long way from the id-loaded Engrish odes to murderers and murder of Church of Misery.

Assault Second

UPDATED with their first self-titled disc, which in addition to having the same name has a very similar cover & sound, though as noted above the vocalist is different.

Assault First


Lo-Res Viscera said...

Wow, these guys are AWESOME.
Any chance you could upload anything else by them?
You got me hooked now, ha ha.

Chairmaker said...

I've got a copy of their first- I'll get that up.

This one here is probably their best though.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Greatly appreciated!

wutwuts said...

i remember when the first s/t full length cd came out in 2001, i bought it right away because of the EP and the demo!!!! find the demo tape at TERMINALESACPE.BLOGSPOT.COM

10 years on for the 1st S/T CD! still fucking RIPS!

purplerainingblood said...

Any way the first one could be uploaded again?