Aaritila : ...Ja kaikki kuitenkin paattyy kuolemaan!

High speed hardcore of the Scandinavian style: the bass is way out front and driving, while the vocals are crusty and rough but still catchy. I got this cd from my brother-in-law who told me they were a Swedish band, but the song titles are almost all in what looks to be Finnish to me (which I don't speak at all- but there's no way those track titles are indo-eurpoean.)

...Ja kaikki kuitenkin paattyy kuolemaan!


Slobodan Burgher said...

Heh, well you're right and right for the band is both Swedish and Finnish - featuring members of Meanwhile and Totalitar (Sweden) and Riistetyt (Finland). Note that Meanwhile dude is of Finnish origin, just to add-up the balance ;)

Finns wear knives and call Swedes "faggots"

Swedes are metropolitan and call Finns drunks in saunas

Chairmaker said...

That makes sense! And thanks for the Scandi social information.