Smohalla : Smolensk Combustion & Nova Persei

Experimental French black metal, with an emphasis on the genre's atmosphere rather than harshness. Weirdly melodic, filled with odd effects and chants. Nova Persei is based on a H.P. Lovecraft story (Beyond The Wall Of Sleep)-- and there's definitely nothing wrong with that.

Nova Persei

Smolensk Combustion


Zmaj said...

I talked a bit with one of the members over myspace, slo. He seems like a cool guy, and Smohalla is totally interesting stuff. Reminds a lot of Ved Buens Ende and that!

Chairmaker said...

It's got this sort of horror/spacey vibe going on that I really like- they manage to pull it of without sounding cheesy.

Aesop said...

Great band, great folks.

RyGar said...

Thanks for steering me towards this. I can't really make out enough of the lyrics to get the HPL references, but this is good, regardless. When it comes to black metal, I like the psychedelic sub-genre the most.