Cocobat w/ Def Master & DJ Krush : Footprints In The Sky

Cocobat are a fairly prolific HC/Metal band who were active in Japan from the early nineties to the early aughts seem to have re-formed again. This album contains live versions of two of their songs as well as two DJ krush mixes (whose instrumental stuff I enjoy, though I find the result of these remixes perhaps a bit too rap-metalish), and finally, the real reason I'm upping this: 4 Def Master remixes of two different songs, all of which I rather liked (Cocobat members Take-Shit & Ryuji appear on Def Master's full length).

Footprints In The Sky


Zmaj said...

Whitehouse already gone? D:

That aside, thanks for the footprints. I'm always interested in more Def.Master related stuff.

Chairmaker said...

I decided to remove it avoid potential hassle. After you commented I remembered that all the previous whitehouse posts I'd seen on other blogs had disappeared w/ unseemly haste, so I decided to take it off (also all 4 of my readers had already downloaded it.)

Zmaj said...

Oh, okay. And yeah, take TerrorNoiseAudio for example; I believe the man's email said something along the lines of "remove all Whitehouse releases from your blog or I'm gonna sue you".