From Sapporo (on the northern island of Hokkaido), CTR play guttural, raw, anti-social god-son of GISM punk, and put a lot of effort into their outfitsposter design and live performances that seem to involve chainsaws and smashing stuff. CTR takes its name from the 1980 movie 狂い咲きサンダーロード, or Crazy Thunder Road 「the Japanese reads literally, and somewhat poetically, madness(狂い)blooms/flowers(咲き)」. The lead singer was formerly in Knucklehead.

I haven't seen this movie beyond a few youtube clips, but it, and CTR the band both definitely draw influence from Mad Max (which, though I won't got to the mat for it like I might for Conan the Barbarian, is nonetheless a pulp classic).


Very good Icelandic synth-pop with the right amount of bleakness in the bubble-gum. Includes a cover of 'Killing in the Name of'.


Drum & Bass / Dubstep Mc & Producer, his favorite tracks of mine were done w/ producer TC, like several of the songs on here, and the one in the video below--which is not acually on this release, but is known to me from this excellent compilation.


Cheap drum machine post-punk with fractured Americana guitars played by scraggly French hipsters. Claustrophobic, weird and on occasion rather catchy. The few throw-away tracks here are matched by some brilliant ones. I throughly enjoy this band.



Grimey British thuggery; the Mr. Slash produced tracks are especially worthwhile.

C for Cocaine


Zmaj said...

Haven't seen CTR myself, but would definitely love to. Sogo Ishii kicks ass. I've got MACH 1.67 tracks from Electric Dragon somewhere, too. Tadanobu Asano also kicks ass.

[iggaz,] hahaha

Chairmaker said...

Have you heard any of Asano's tunes? Not bad considering how bad a lot of actors moonlighting at music do. I think I posted a Wrench album he guests on at some point.

Zmaj said...

Isn't he in MACH 1.67? I'm not familiar much with any of his other efforts.

As for Wrench, I believe you did.

L said...

cheers, do you have Bacteria's ''LOST''LP? can you upload if you have please

it's stupid but i can't wrote anything more than you have greatest blog because my english really bad

Chairmaker said...

I posted 'lost' a while back, if you flip through the older posts you should find it; I didn't make it searchable because it's a recent release but it's on here somewhere.