First off, let's get one thing clear: Conan the Barbarian is a great movie, not least because it contains moments like this:

Schwarzenegger is at the height of his powers in the role he was born to play [except for Predator and Total Recall everything since has been superfluous], the script is by Oliver Stone, and Basil Pouledouis's soundtrack is excellent:

Conan The Barbarian OST (Basil Poledouris)

Beyond Conan's cinematic triumph, the original books by Robert Howard rank as some of the most important works of early fantastic literature, and the comics by Barry Windsor-Smith are classics in their own right.

From this proud tradition come Crom, and Hot Sumerian Nights, an album-length tribute to metal, punk & the great barbarian, a collage of sometimes borrowed riffs + barrages of thrash, grind and sludge weaved into very extensive samples from the movie,its soundtrack and am radio.

Needless to say I enjoyed the album, and you should too:

Crom : Hot Sumerian Nights

This came out on CD a while back but only just became available on vinyl, so swing over to their myspace to pick it up or for one of their sweet, sweet Crom shirts.



hey thats not true TOTAL RECALL and COMMANDO were great movies too (in their on way)btw this is a fucking great blog you have!Mind if we trade links?

Zmaj said...

Man, everything in this post is absolutely awesome. People ought to give LotR a rest already, and show more appreciation to Poledouris and the Conan OST.

Also, Total Recall is fun indeed.

Chairmaker said...

You guys are absolutely right: I forgot about Total Recall.

And yeah, conan pwns Hobbits.

@huansoahan: cool- I'll link you up.