Mangrove 2002

A sampler from the Mangrove label, released, as you may already have deduced, in 2002, and containing a mix of noisy punk, garage, psych & hardcore from what seems to be a collection of mostly Tokyo area bands. Some of the more pop-punky stuff isn't really my bag, but there are some excellent tracks on here.

1 Evil Hoo Doo, The - Hell-O Haunted
2 Evil Hoo Doo, The - Black Strings
3 FirestARTer - Dear My Sweet Radio
4 Private Ways - Post
5 Usuals - Wasted Time
6 First Alert - T.V.Masturbation
7 First Alert - Pinpoint Attack On My Alarm Clock
8 Barebones - Mind Breaker
9 Smash Your Face - Can't Get Out
10 Smash Your Face - I Believe In My Way
11 Delta, The - Compressed Paradox Disorder
12 Boris - Dronevil
13 Death Comes Along - Death Comes Along Part Ⅰ
14 Death Comes Along - Death Comes Along Part Ⅱ
15 Deride - I'm Making My Future With The Border Patrol!
16 Foodchain - Naka-No
17 Nine Days Wonder - Bleach Away
18 Man Friday - Last Destroy Dawn (Live)
19 Man Friday - Hesitate To Have My Share (Live)


(p.s.- medifire's been wonky as fuck for me: let me know if you fine people are having trouble dl'ing)


Zmaj said...

Fuck yes, FOODCHAIN :D

Chairmaker said...

Foodchain are sweet; do you know anything of theirs beyond the 'screaming' ep?

COOL FOOL said...

Foodchain - Screaming For Something EP


Chairmaker said...

Thx cool fool!

PS Zmaj I noticed the link on the 'scope for foodchain is dead.

Zmaj said...

Hey! Thanks for letting me know, man.