Death Comes Along : Psychedelic Inferno

(the mighty Crow himself, and yes, this is the cover.)

Fronted by Crow of the eponymous titans of crust; Death Comes Along are an odd by-blow of an orgy of genres.  The dedication on their 1st lp read:

Funeral March for Amebix, The Mob, Dirt, Antisect, Crude SS, May Blitz, Flower Travellin’ Band, Diamanda Galas, Ash Ra Tempel, Guru Guru, Amon Duul, Black Sabbath and German Oak.

Which should give some idea what to expect.  The four tracks jump from a long brutal psych jam to a few minutes of breathy whisperings, then into another long track, this one an unrelieved feedback drone, which bleeds into a morose refrain topped with throat singing and buzzing bees: the first and the last at least are pretty damn good.


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drone!? thanks!