Furious grind-inflected Sapporian hardcore. This is the former band of ctr's lead singer, Ozawa, and while the slurred, barking, Sakevi-esque vocals are instantly recognizable, Knucklehead were a much heavier proposition than ctr.

They were fixtures on the Sapporo (often associated with SLANG) and Japanese hardcore scenes, active for more than ten years, and and favorites of, among others, 324's Masao. The guitarist went on to form grind band Motiveless.

This was a 2001 release and, like Knucklehead's other releases, ctr stuff and many other tasty treats, can be bought from HG Fact.  A lot of their stuff is also available from HC Holocaust (a great distro).


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Shanetera said...

I've downloaded that somewhere else, can't remember where it was, but that's a good album.