In the precincts of battle

The bastard children of Steel Mammoth (who are in turn the get of Circle), these four bands contain more or less the same members as far as I can tell--they're credited by different pseudonyms on each release--and the sound is in line with Steel Mammoth's (if a bit heavier & more actually metal): loose, deconstructed, hypnotic; weird homages/satires that end up sounding more like each other than whatever genre they're taking off.

A classic 1983 example of the NWOFHM (but not really)

Punkish, Motorhead influenced but with clean guitars & distorted vocals.

Less hypno-rock, more METAL on this one.

NWOFHM garage psych.

All this NWOFHM stuff is very much to taste, and I can imagine some people hating it, but I find it generally charming, with some really interesting musical stuff hidden under the affections and silliness.



Petya Venikov said...

MOST epic posting yet. thank you! everything released on Ektro is gold.

Chairmaker said...

This stuff makes me want to cruise the Finnish desert in a dune buggy powered by wolves.

Z said...

Fuck yes!! thanks for this! Obscure production on most of these, but that only increases the charm.