Crow are a heavy metallic crusty smashing machine; they've been at it since days of yore and have only gotten better. I'm posting their Bloody Tear release for two reasons even though it's been about the internets.

I. I like it a lot, and if I didn't post stuff I like a lot, then what would be the point of all this anyhow?

II. All the digital permutations I've seen of this have been horribly tagged; multiple tracks called Japanese Title, no track numbers etc... Anyway, this is a rip of the CD release on Mangrove, and I've tagged all the tracks with their Japanese name, transliterated name, and translated name.

In any case, Crow are sick. Download this now if you don't have it.



Petya Venikov said...

fuck yes

thank you

Petya Venikov said...

have you heard of these guys?

Chairmaker said...

Heard of but not heard, interesting stuff.

Zmaj said...

How did you like Maria Kannon? I'm pretty sure I saw an additional (third) release of theirs somewhere. I can let you know if I find the stuff. Awesome band.

P.S. Captcha word verification said: PAYME D:

Chairmaker said...

I like it; I wasn't sure what to make of it a first but it's really compelling and complex stuff (and the art is awesome), so I'd definitely be interested if you have something else of theirs.

Zmaj said...

It's a 3-song EP sort of thing. I upped it: http://www.mediafire.com/?t1oidmjhjf4

I was 100000% sure that I found it on Cosmic Hearse too, but apparently I was wrong? Can't for the life of me remember/find the place where I got the thing. In any case, it's also awesome, with longer songs.

Chairmaker said...

Thx! Dl'ing now.