Panicsmile : Ten Songs Ten Cities

Odd and very good off-kilter post-punk, Panicsmile's sound tends to evolve from album to album (and has moved in a somewhat more accessible direction of late), but this one finds them somewhere between the controlled chaos of Ruins and the precise chill of Gaji (whose former bassist is a member). Ten Songs covers a fairly wide range, from static-shot jerky rhythms and shouts to smoother, melodic fare, with more of the vocals on this than on other efforts provided by the their female drummer (who has, incidentally, released an album with Tatsuya Yoshida of the aforementioned Ruins).

Panicsmile have been active in one form or since 1992; this is the third of their six full-lengths and was released in 2001. Fans of Ruins, Boredoms, Korean Buddhist God and such-like need apply-- though Panicsmile isn't as out and out heavy as any of those three.


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