Miyama Gt : Shoot The Invaders

I got to know this band via their split with Chuugakuseikanoke (which I'll post on the by-and-by). Heavy, theatrical punk/hc/bunch of other stuff which reminds me a bit of Hi Technology Suicide & QP Crazy (the former bassplayer of legendary band The Stalin plays in QP, and Miyama show their Stalin love with a cover (track 4).

Miyama Gt, in their own words:

There was a dispute in Planet Miyama. Some decided to leave their mother planet and came to the planet earth. They disguised themselves as human and identify themselves as Ginshiro (Vo, Gt),Robert (Ba) and Momojiro (Dr) in order to invade the earth, taking noise as their weapon. When Miyama guitar shoot you with Miyama beam, all you can do is counting your rest of days till you get brainwashed from your head to toe.

(Good work, but not quite there: these guys could learn from Steel Mammoth and Ultraphallus)


(Being lazy, I haven't tagged this is Engrish so here's a link)

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