Junior High School Student Coffins (Chuugakusei kanoke) : Musumesensochu

A 2007 release, the title of which could mean 'at war with daughters/girls' or 'girls/daughters at war', but don't take my word for it as even my English is actually rather dodgy. Anyway, like all the other stuff from these guys it's pretty fucking awesome.

For descriptions, info and such-like check my earlier posts here & here.


(Download both or they will not extract)


ActionPointsTA.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for posting this. The other stuff you put up has been in a constant rotation.....really impressive stuff.

Chairmaker said...

Glad you're enjoying them- they're one my favorite finds of the last few years.

ActionPointsTA.blogspot.com said...

I have to say they are my favorite. I keep listening to the 3 you posted and I can't find a single filler. Again, thanks for this.

d. said...

im listening to them right now!
crazy beautiful shit!
thank you so much for this one.

take care.

Petya Venikov said...

i just wanted to thank you again for these albums - really solid work - i have updated the id3 tags on my lastfm you can check it out there

Chairmaker said...

Nice. There's very little information on the outside of the Japanese web due to their all kanji name, song and album titles.