Sunshine Super Scum

Snotty, raw, arty punk with male/female vocals, a noise rock sensibility and a dose of 80's hardcore rage.

Good stuff, though I can't tell you much about it: Sunshine Super Scum were active in the mid 90's in Japan, and released an s/t ep(posted here), and a couple(?) of 7"s (if anyone has them let me know). They also made several appearances on comps, and I've tossed some of those tracks in with the s/t. Worth checking out.



Batguano said...

This rocks! Thanks. For some reason the first track made we want to bust out some Blatz records.

Chairmaker said...

Glad you like- the Blatz comparison is right on. I should be posting some better quality stuff from them (and others- I fully intend to spend way too much money on music) after my up-coming trip to Japan.