V.A. : From Koenji To Eternity

A mid-nineties snapshot of Japanese underground experimental stoner, noise and punk from Inoxia.

The most famous name on here is Boris, who deliver 3 minutes of ambient sound w/ creepy narration plus two minutes of hardcore on their track. Konk&Null (more or less Zeni Geva) have two tracks of their odd noise/industrial rock. The other bands on hear are less famous, and some only seem to have this release to their names.

OAC, who also contributed to Bacteria Sour II, have three songs of fairly straightforward punk. Gaji's, Kirihito's & Mustard Masturbation's songs are oddball spaced-out rock experiments.

All in all an interesting variety, with a few standout songs.

From Koenji To Eternity


zokuchou said...

Having trouble with this. Keeps on telling me no servers available. There may be an issue. Could you check it out? Cheers.

Chairmaker said...

I just checked the link, and it seems fine now. Probably just a temporary problem.

nagasaki-night-rider said...

Can't find this anywhere else, Could you possibly reupload for us. Link is down and virus central, Ty

nagasaki-night-rider said...

Also great blog, ty for all these extinct comp-ongaku