Some Odds & Ends : Zenocide & Of The Spacistor

A slow-moving, layered wall of noise accompanied by echoing screams, somewhere this side of (.)dot & suchlike. Here are three untitled tracks taken from an untitled (split)CDR. These guys will soon release a full-length, which I look forward to checking out.


These three tracks come from a split with Eternal Elysium which I have upped elsewhere. The thing is, the two bands play rather different music, and I imagine many people who would not enjoy Elysiums brand of long-haired dope-smoking sabbath worship, or who avoid anything that whiffs of stinky hippies, might nonetheless find a place in their hearts for Of The Spacistor's noise rock/hardcore/new wave hybrid. This band has been around for quite a while, and are apparently still active, but these songs constitute everything they've released, which saddens me, as these three tracks are good. The bassline on 'Daily Wall' is just fucking awesome.


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