Sally : C-Earth

Heavy. Evil. Gooooood.
Harsh, sludgy, low-end heavy rock from England, released in 2003.

Sally's first album was a raw, stoner-type affair, and fairly entertaining. But on this, their second and sadly final album, they produced something really awesome.
C-earth is an album of pounding, sludgy, hypnotic, fuzz-drenched droning, doomy riffs, stripped of the sort of southern elements which appeared on their first disc (and good riddance too- I can really do without). Billy Anderson's production drenches everything in a nice layer of mud, which suits the grimy, semi-liquid nature of the sound perfectly.

Heavy and hypnotic sum this up best- Sally brings some krautrock and drone influences into their sludged out rock: awesomeness ensues. One of my favorite albums of late--though nothing jumps out initially, it's a grower--and one that I feel deserves a wider audience than it got (apparently it was poorly supported by their record label). Definitely worth checking out.

This band features members of Mistress(drummer), Penance(vocals) & Einstellung.

Standout tracks: 2, 7, 8.

C-Earth (2003)



this is one of the greatest records ever!

Chairmaker said...

Damn right, I always feel like it doesn't get the recognition it deserves.