Def Master : Destroyer Has Godmind

Due to technical difficulties I am unable to upload my own photo's of this disk- and images are nowhere to be found in the intertubes- which is a shame. It features a stamped clear plastic slip over a brilliant chromium foil* insert- and generally very nice and well put together packaging.

UPDATED & to the top with scans (which don't really capture the neat reflective qualities, and actually the colors look nicer in real life, too, but what are you going to do?)

This was difficult to track down- I'd been looking for it due to member connections with Coaltar of the Deepers (whose stuff I'll be posting soon) and other Japanese groups I like.
In the event, this is a 1990 disc is some solid industrial/electronic/metal, similar to Ministry of the same era- though with more extremity in vocals and variety in sound. Many parts are also reminiscent of the aforementioned Coaltar's heavier moments. Certainly worth hearing if you don't find keyboards or programmed drums automatically objectionable.

*The same substance that, when I was younger and and less wise, induced me to pay an extra dollar per title each time marvel felt the need for a bottom-line padding 'special event'.

Destroyer Has Godmind


Zmaj said...

Nice! I only heard the Fear of God 7" (Batguano's rip on his blog, Fugitive Equilibrium), and the split w/ Discordance Axis (got the vinyl), but I quite loved both. At times it reminds me of Tetsuo: The Iron Man, and Chu Ishikawa in general.

I came to the conclusion that finding just about any Def.Master release is a borderline impossible mission (I got that split with DxAx from Jon Chang lol), so thanks a shitload!

COOL FOOL said...

Wow Great Post!

Chairmaker said...

手に入れるのはちょっと難しかった。 日本に全然見つけれなくて、結局オランダのdistroから買った。