Foojitsu : Streamline English

Don't know too much background at all about this Russian band, except that I think they share members with the previously posted USSSY / Kruzer Ken and maybe also WJW.

Anyway, on this (2002) album, Foojitsu were playing some kind of noise rock/hard-core/electronic admixture (later releases are more or less straight up noise rock), long on eclectic, short songs, blasts of guitar noise, electronic effects & spoken world samples. Mostly on the noisier side of things despite the somewhat poppy tune below.



The Whale said...

Cool new lay-out!

Chairmaker said...


армет said...

Thanks for posting this early home-made record! I am man with beard on this cover picture) New uSSSy album OKO is out now, 3d album is on the way.

Chairmaker said...

All thanks go to you for putting out such excellent music!

I'm waiting for the new USSSY to come in the mail, and would be excited to hear anything new from Foojitsu.

армет said...

Foojitsu is not active for 2 years now. Full album (2006+2007ep - cover with cows) maybe will be out soon, but I'm not know when)).