The Astroglides : Channel Surfing with the Astroglides

The Astroglides were a dark surf band, mixing metal, hardcore and experimentation into their reverb-drenched sound. This 2006 album, which draws its themes from Israeli television, was released on Sshaking Recordss, the band's own label (which also put out the charming Los Kikes release I posted last week), and is more straight surf and less distortion than previous releases (unfortunately both band and label seem to have gone the way of the dodo).

Update: Thanks to Lee-or from the Astroglides who provided much more correct info in the comments: This was a 2003 release on Fast Music records (I confused it w/ a later release), and Sshaking Recordss is still in operation. Sorry for the sloppiness!




Lee-Or said...

it's Lee-or from the Astroglides/sshaking recordss.
few mistakes you have here:
first, this album was released on Fast Music records on 2003.
Our fourth album, "Selling out with..the Astroglides" was released on my private lable, sshaking recordss.

The astroglides are not active but we will relaese on 2010 a compilation on vinyl.

Sshaking recordss is active. we focused latly more on bringing RnR bands to Israel - we brought Black Lips on 2007 and the King Khan & BBQ show on 2008. Cheveu is coming on February 2010 to play here and we have few more plans which might work...
besdies that, we have few more local projects which will gonna record and a dvd release for the King khan & bbq show visit in Israel.

Los Kikes stoped playing for a while but just two weeks ago they played a benefit show.
they aim now to record new stuff and thinking about touring Europe.
if you liked Los kikes you should check our Monkey son of a Donkey releases. there last record is a mster piece, recorded by the guys from Los Kikes.
also, check our Charlie Megira projects. he is the gut who recorded Los Kikes.

you can find some info about sshaking activity on myspace:


Chairmaker said...

Hey man, thanks very much for the info and the cool music--I really dig all the stuff I've heard from your label and bands. I'll update my post.

RyGar said...

I'm not usually into genre-mashing, but surf and metal go together like hard candy cock and good-looking soccer moms. It's go! (Ghoul, from SF occasionally throw some staccato riffs into their thrash. Check out the track "Psychoplasm" off of the Album Splatterthrash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkxHrcOeSvI