Not Japanese Hardcore

Noticing the disproportionate, bloated 'Japan' and 'Hardcore' tags on the left side of the page, I've decided to try to do a few posts which contain neither.

Not that I've got anything against Japanese hardcore, obviously, I started this blog to waste time when I should be working showcase Japanese music that's not particularly well known or easily gotten, and to translate information which might not in be available in English(note: I am too lazy to actually do this).

Anyhow, here are three different releases of more or less instrumental jams that I've been bopping to when not in the mood for growling/kicking things music.

You probably already know these guys: this is the stuff off the split w/ zombie and some remixes. I like them better as a dance outfit than as a post rock band, personally.

Lasers From Atlantis:
British kids playing synth driven psych. 'No Roads' does the business.

Krauty psychedelic jamz from some (all?) of the same people as the excellent
Warhammer 48K, whose stuff I've also been liking of late and might as well post along with the Cave.

(Warhammer 48K, kind of like Cave's paranoiac cousin)

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