GREENMACHiNE : The Earth Beater + 3

Because of their association with Boris and Eternal Elysium, their Kyuss derived band name, their intermittent use of doom riffs, and their apparent love for the devil weed (song titles like 'Slow Burn', 'Machinist's Smoke', 'Red Eye', and 'Hempty God, Return to the Sky'), GREENMACHiNE are often pegged as a stoner/doom band, but, though they incorporate elements of those styles, the backbone and raging heart of GREENMACHiNE's music is hardcore--inflected with Sabbithian noodling and occasional doomish slow-downs to be sure, but hardcore nonetheless.

I was lucky enough to see GREENMACHiNE several times in Tokyo, and appearance-wise they were nothing exceptional--slap some suits on and they'd fade into the salaryman crowds--but their shows were furious, intense and definitely constitute some of my better live music experiences.

A taste:

The Earth Beater was originally released in '99, this is a 2004 re-release with three extra tracks. Greenmachine are now, sadly, defunct but have two other full lengths that are also very good--especially 2004's The Archive of Rotten Blues (which incidentally is also just a great title for an album). Excellent angry stuff with great tone and texture.



The Whale said...

Yeah, I got to know them via Boris. I actually don't think they are doom, or sludge or something like that. They're just rawk 'n' roll!

Zmaj said...

Checked them out ages ago, and just kinda forgot all about it. However, the vid made me recheck. Great!

Chairmaker said...

Glad to remind you of them- what's the point of blogging if not to spread love for your favorite bands?