V/A : Great Blue Thing

Released in '96, this is a compilation of Japanese underground noise and experimental rock assembled by none other than Discordance Axis's Jon Chang (chances Zmaj already has this=>100%), and featuring lots of interesting stuff.Tatsuya Yoshida is half of Ruins, Multiplex bring killer grind, Merzbow does his noisy thing...pretty much everything on here is awesome with the exception of Tenyen ana kinoko (ten-yen hole mushroom) whose songs are just sort of annoying.

1.Tatsuya Yoshida - Orovela
2.Yeah - Barbie Ban Blues
3.The Sleep Walk - Forestic White
4.Merzbow - Seishoku Titl
5.Discordance Axis - Amphetamine Hollow Tip
6.Discordance Axis - Integer
7.Melt Banana - Ooze
8.Melt Banana - No Way to Bite the Crooked Doubt
9.Def Master - Hard Water
10.Spine Wrench - Spite Junkie
11.TenYen Ana Kinoko - We Are . . .
12.TenYen Ana Kinoko - Alzheimer
13.Multiplex - Nothing
14.The Love Apaches - Untitled 1
15.The Love Apaches - Untitled 2
16.The Love Apaches - Untitled 3

o'great blue thing

UPDATED: Now with a link that works!


Zmaj said...

AHAHAHA! Well, I remember seeing it once on some site for $40 or so. But yeah, I do have a rip thanks to braintourniquet over at http://the-cathedral-of-erotic-misery.blogspot.com .

Several versions of stuff as awesome as this can't hurt though!

COOL FOOL said...

Dead Link?

Zmaj said...

Hey Cool Fool, it's not really dead, you just have to add a 'h' at the beginning in the address bar. Chairmaker will probably fix it when he sees it though.

Chairmaker said...

Oops. Will fix.

COOL FOOL said...


The Whale said...

Where do you get all these compilations! Thanks for this!