Discordia (Mexico) : Discography

I previously posted Ciegos, by the excellent Bumbklaat (which 3x as many people would have downloaded if I'd said they were from Japan- do you guys have something against Mexicans?), and this is the former band of some members.

Now, this is the Mexican Discordia, not one of the other eight or nine-get some fucking new names already people-Discordias with a 'c', nor one of the one's with a 'k', and definitely not the album Discordia by the Misery Index.

If Bumbklaat is crust with some grind tendencies, this is grind with some crust (see Extreme Noise Terror): blasts of guttural political anger, mostly en espanol.



Batguano said...

Nice! I'm "lucky" enough to live in a place where B├╝mbklaatt play pretty regularly. They're great live and seem like really nice guys too. If you want to get technical, some of the members live on the northern side of the border, making them a truly international act (but what do borders mean anyway, right?..).

I will definitely check out Discordia... Thanks.

Chairmaker said...

Bumbklaat are great(how do you make umlauts btw, I'm envious). Sorry for the low bit-rate, unlike most of the stuff I post I don't have an actual copy of this.

Batguano said...

Well, I can't complain about low bit-rates since it's free!

And... here's a handy tool for typing the occasional foreign language character: