Earthride : Vampire Circus

The bitterest doom.

Earthride look and sound like they've been boozing in seedy bars since long before I was born, and as though their will to live departed not long after. When the singer snarls out 'depressed person, last cigarette' on dirtnap, it's just got verisimilitude most bands can't bring.

The music is fuzzy without being warm; de-tuned slabs of dull distortion which pound and plod along at mid-paced tempos beneath the ragged, whiskey cured vox. But this isn't tuneless sludge; it's nasty, low-end, degenerate rock'n'roll. Singer Dave Sherman definitely has some Lemmy to him and it's all held together by raw but catchy riffs, hooks and choruses.

Music to drink strong spirits in excess to.

Favorite tracks: 2,3,4

Vampire Circus

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Apoctosis said...

Maryland Doooooooom.