Dead Tech III

Released in '95, 7 years after volume II and on a different label(Charnel). This edition is almost entirely a rock compilation.

No Boredoms, but Ruins are back as are Zeni Geva.

Copass Grinderz, a band I rather like, have a good track of messy, hoarse vocaled rock (click their name in the tracklist for their full-length). Somewhat similar, but outside of this comp entirely mysterious to me, are Avalanch, who have two songs on here (not the spanish-language stoner band, mind), Funhouse and Ixa-wud.

Te No Kanshiyoku play some frantic, dissonant rock w/ piano, Daihakase provides a relaxing interlude + Space Streakings are degenerate electronics-users.

1 Ruins: Dharskrive
2 Space Streakings: Hiropon Goo!! / We Are All Prostitute / Nohten-Chiyyoka Hyper Love
3 Copass Grinderz: Mongoose, I Kill Cobra
4 Daihakase: Uma Wa Ao (Horse Is Blue)
5 Ixa-Wud: Deus Meus
6 Avalanch: Komanche
7 Avalanch: Suffocation
8 Funhouse: Sorrow
9 Te No Kanshiyoku: Kuroi Ikenie
10 Te No Kanshiyoku: Yawarakana Hirusagari
11 Zeni Geva: YOU SUCK!! (Live)

Dead Tech 3


The Whale said...

Never heard about these compilations but they seem quite cool! thanks for this!

Chairmaker said...

Yeah, there's a nice range of sounds on here. Volume 3 is the tops for stoned rock I'd say.

The Whale said...

They all look great, they all have some things that I know, like marble sheep, zeni geva, high rise, etc, and some things I've never heard before, I look forward to listen to them!