Dead Tech I

1986 release. This was a compilation of experimental Japanese rock and noise put out on German label Dossier. The ubiquitous K.K. Null makes an appearance with a noise track, and the Boredoms perform as a duo while Ruins do their whacky, also 2-man thing. The other artists are less familiar, but the first three give you an idea of the ballpark they're in.

1- Null: Telesma Sicut Dei
2- Boredoms: Special Punk King
3- Ruins: Macaion Lyaike / Catastrophe
4- Hijokaidan: Bad Charactor, But Great Sound (Live)
5- YBO²: Dogla Mala II
6- High Rise : Acid Song
7- High Rise : Hunchback Blues
8- Zeitlich Vergelter: Schauder
9- A.N.P.: Zetta Reyd

Dead Tech : No Wave From Japan

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